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Welcome to San Jose pools inc. Concrete pool restoration.

At San Jose concrete pools, we can transform your old and worn-out pool into a new and beautiful oasis. Our ultimate satisfaction and primary goal is to deliver your dream pool from start to finish. Your pool will be in good hands with us. Our team of experts will begin with the best resurfacing techniques and taking control of the hydro static pressure. Then, our concrete team will take care of any foundation leaks, cracks, and integrity issues, as well as any repairs or replacements needed. Finally, our concrete coatings team will apply a stunning and durable coloured coating or aggregate finish to your pool. We ensure quality control and inspection at every step of the process.

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San Jose concrete pools understands that pool restoration is more than just an acid wash and applying some paint. It involves a series of steps to ensure that your pool is functional, attractive, and durable for years to come.

Abrasion Blast Resurfacing

We offer a premium wet abrasive blasting service that can restore and renew your concrete pool. Unlike traditional sandblasting, our wet abrasive blasting method uses less water and creates less dust.

  • This is key for removing unwanted layers, debris and contaminants.
  • We use recycled material making it completely eco-friendly and more cost-effective.
  • This is the gold standard approach for concrete pool restoration and preparation, as it ensures the quality and longevity of your pool and our products.

Concrete Skimming and Leak Repair

Many old pools have cracks and leaks. This is somthing that can't simply be fixed with caulking and needs a more indepth procedure of repair. The problematic area should be cut out, cleaned up, and packed with a high quality hydraulic water stop concrete. Then finished with a more visually appealing pool plaster.

  • Cracks in your pools foundation allows for water to saturate the soil, causing erosion. As the soil erodes, voids form under the foundation compromising its structural integrity.
  • Cracks in concrete may be a sign of deeper underlying problems, and if they're not addressed quickly, they can lead to bigger issues and costly repairs.
  • Skim coating helps to correct surface imperfections and defects. It's also used to give walls a smoother texture if the bare concrete is rough or bumpy and hides any completed repairs.

Tile Install and Coping Stone Repair

Having a tile water line makes regular pool maintanance simpler by reducing the appearance of a water scum ring around the pool and making it easier to wipe any appearance of one. Opting into a tile water line installation also adds an additional year to the company warrenty as a tile line eliminates the appearance of any hair line cracks that may occur to coatings not living under water.

  • Our Ardex mortar and Mapei Quartz grout ensures long lasting life, high durabilty and the ability to withstand cracking and erosion caused by constant winter freezing and spring thaws
  • Pool coatings are meant to stay fully submerged to prevent shrink cracks caused by the eliments. A Tile line ensures coatings stay submerged.
  • Tile water lines are beautiful, stylish and can add a stand out accent that can tie your pool scape and home together.

Hi-Build Epoxy Protective Coatings

The most important aspect of your pool restoration might just be the protective coatings. Not only do the coatings stand out with thier gorgeous vibrant colors they also add a layer of protection to your pools foundation, keeping its integraty in prestine condition for years to come.

  • Selecting the right coatings can be as important as applying them. We only use the highest quality two part hi-build epoxy by Ramuc.
  • Our coatings have an 8 year life expectancy once applied and is the leading pool coatings for over 60 years! Most other coatings like rubber and acrylic are only good for 1-2 years
  • We roll apply two coats, one coat per day and brush one coat around the top ring and around any features. This ensures full coverage and the standard for high durability.

Exposed Aggregate

High Performance Pool Finishes that are low maintenance, have high durability, Eco-friendly and add a natural looking appeal to your yard while also complementing your home.

Diamond Bite

Diamond Brite pool finishes combine natural colored quartz aggregate with polymer-modified cement.

River Rok

Natural Pebble Pool aggregates with fortified Portland cement. River Rok finishes provide an extremely durable and beautiful alternative to the traditional.

Bond Kote

Bond Kote is a specially formulated, two-part cementitious coating, designed to be used as an ideal substrate to mechanically bond pool plaster over existing plaster finishes.


With over four decades of experience, SGM will provide you with the highest quality, best pool finish on the market. Whether it be quartz aggregate, natural pebble or polished marble, their inground pool finishes are considered to be among the most trusted in the industry.


A glimps into a few of our more recent projects and how we go about them. References provided upon request.

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  • Resurfacing
  • Tile
  • Repair
  • Protective Coatings

San Jose Concrete Pools resurfacing

San Jose Concrete Pools tile

San Jose Concrete Pools repairs

San Jose Concrete Pools coatings

San Jose Concrete Pools resurfacing

San Jose Concrete Pools tile

San Jose Concrete Pools repairs

San Jose Concrete Pools coatings

San Jose Concrete Pools resurfacing

San Jose Concrete Pools tile

San Jose Concrete Pools repairs

San Jose Concrete Pools coatings


Home owners, superintendents, Campgrounds, businesses owners. Heres what some of our clients have to say.

Brian and Debbie Kinaschuk

Home Owner

San Jose Pools Inc just finished the refinishing on our pool and looks beautiful. It is a 16x32 Lazy L concrete pool and had paint and old cement pieces falling off. They came and media blasted all of the old paint off right down to the bare concrete (removed 8 layers of paint), repaired all of the spalding concrete and applied two coats of epoxy paint. They kept us informed through out the process, worked efficiently and finished on time. We couldn't be happier.

Nancy Elia

Home Owner

Andre and his team came in to paint our 20x40 concrete pool. They were efficient and professional and always kept us informed on project. The pool looks stunning. Great work. I can’t wait to enjoy next season and will write a review on the performance over winter.

Cristal Davis

Home Owner

Excellent quality service! Fast quote and the work was completed quickly and professionally. Would highly recommend! Thank you to Andres and the entire crew. Great group of individuals!

Kevin Sullivan

Home Owner

Terrific experience from beginning to end - great customer service, professional and high quality work restoring our concrete 18x36 in ground pool. They specialize in this work all over Ontario. The company owner and the crew was great to deal with they work quick and keep you up to speed on the process and the end result is fantastic. Pricing was on point for the amount work needed.. so glad we found this company!

Mandy and Myke

Business Owner

This company made our first summer in our new home enjoyable! The crew was awesome, funny, knowledgeable. The owner was also very knowledgeable, easy going, reliable, respectful and understanding. I would recommend them to anyone with pool issues!!! Thank you again!

Camille Laperriere

Home Owner

We have a 65 year old pool that needed a facelift. It was by chance that we found San Jose to do the work. Whether you deal with Andre…or any team member from his crew…you can’t find better guys. They took care of everything from beginning to end and our pool looks great. This team is professional, punctual and they work diligently to ensure everything is done in a timely manner. Andre made the process incredibly easy. He provided an online quote based on the details we provided to him. And he stood by that quote at the end of the job. He promised the work would be done in April and it was. There were no surprises. He also guarantees the work. My husband and I are so happy with the end result. We’d recommend this company without hesitation. We’d even show off their work should any potential client want to see a job well done. Thank you San Jose. Stand tall and proud.

Dawn Winger

Home Owner

They refinished our concrete pool. From start to finish, it was a great experience. The crews were very friendly, and worked fast. The owner and project manager were also amazing to deal with. Our pool now looks amazing! I would highly recommend this company!

Sheri Monhemius

Home Owner

The team was on time, answered all of our questions, did a fabulous job resurfacing our concrete pool and this old beauty look brand new. Before, during and after photos. Highly recommend Andre and his team.

Toni Horncastle

Home Owner

We had meet with Andre last fall about refinishing our 20x40 50 plus old concrete pool. It definitely was in need of help. He gave us some ideas and thoroughly explained what the process would be. We were one of the first pools to be done this spring. Andre and his team worked long days in not always the best weather. Guys were polite and always cleaned up area at the end of days. Any questions we had Andre and Jesse quickly responded too. We had neighbours come by who have since also booked them. We are very happy with the finished product and found Andre and his team very easy to deal with. Highly recommended by us…thank you Andre

Tina Tinal

Home Owner

This company just finished resurfacing our very old concrete pool. They were great at keeping us in the loop with weather delays and finishing the job quickly and in the timeline provided. Everything looks great and we are looking forward to the season in a new bright pool!

San Jose Concrete Pools inc. is now offering Franchise Opportunities!

Are you passionate about pools or love surrounding yourself with natural and landscaped dream yards and community parks as your work environment? Are looking for a rewarding business opportunity? Do you want to join a trusted and experienced company that has been serving Ontario for over 8 years? If so, you should consider becoming a franchisee of San Jose Pools Inc. San Jose pools inc. are Ontario’s premier choice in concrete pool restoration and we’re growing and looking to train franchisees in Canada. Over the years our name and team has rapidly and respectfully grown with a water tight reputation. Specializing in full concrete swimming pool resurfacing,restoration, specialty coatings and exposed quartz and marble aggregates. San Jose Pools Inc. is a leader in the concrete pool restoration industry, with a reputation for excellence and quality. We specialize in restoring and repairing concrete pools, using the latest equipment, techniques and materials. We also offer a variety of pool beautification upgrades, such as tile, coping, lighting and water features. As a franchisee, you will receive full training and enjoy many benefits, such as: • A lucrative and profitable business opportunity with low start-up costs and high profit margins • Cash payments on majority of projects allowing you more financial control • A comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of pool service and management, from technical skills to marketing and sales • A strong brand name and recognition that attracts customers and generates referrals • A loyal and satisfied customer base that spans across Ontario • An exclusive territory right that protects your market share with access to our suppliers. • A flexible and fulfilling lifestyle that allows you to set your own schedule and work at your own pace • An opportunity to grow your business and income as you provide high-quality pool services to residential and commercial clients in your area • A supportive network of experienced franchisees and experts who will help you succeed and thrive • SGM factory training and certification for Diamond brite, exposed quartz aggregates, durazzo plaster and river rok installation in Pomano beach fl. • Opportunities for your own secondary income directly from the clients looking for patio pour, misc. abrasive resurfacing jobs, pool opens/closes, seasonal pool maintenance, pool pump and line replacements, patio pressure washing, landscaping and more. • Franchise purchase options. Training begins May 2024 If you are interested in diving in and becoming a franchisee of San Jose Pools Inc., contact us today and find out how you can make your pool dreams come true! Don’t miss this chance to join Ontario’s top-tier concrete pool restoration company! We look forward to hearing from you. attn: franchise 9056846281 Training starts April 1 2024

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